How Panda Cloud Antivirus Wasted 2 Hours Of My Time

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I’m security conscious, as are the majority of Windows OS users, so the need for a good antivirus comes top of my agenda. I also wanted my machine to actually perform. That’s why I chose Panda’s Cloud Antivirus – it’s light on system resources & non-intrusive. However, it also scared the hell out of me yesterday!

You can get the new version! Why wait? Download it now and check out the imrpovements. FREE! Download now. FREE!

You can get the new version!

The pop up box in the screenshot above set every type of alarm off in my mind as a PC user. Over the years I’ve dealt with work colleagues having malware riddled laptops right through to family members having 0870 porn diallers racking up £400 phone bills, so everything about the screenshot above made me panic as it looks like a malware intrusion trying to get you to run a script or visit a malicious website.


After running my preinstalled Antivirus programmes (including Panda Cloud Antivirus) I was checking everything on my system from browser connection settings to check for a proxy hijack through to my router settings & rules just in case it was a manual exploit. I even asked on twitter (thanks to @SharkSEO for the help) and installed a further three malware/spyware checkers which then had to be run individually.

After two hours or so I then finally found my answer on the good ole search engines.

You Can Get The New Version!

After searching for the exact text matches “You can now get the new version!” + “Why wait? Download it now and check out the improvements. FREE!” + “Download now. FREE!” it transpires that this little popup is part of Panda Cloud Antivirus’ update procedure – not that you could tell this from the popup. I can only imagine how many people didn’t update their version of Panda Cloud Antivirus because they didn’t trust it.

Users of the internet and PC’s in general are becoming savvier to exploits & viruses and whilst there continues to be a number of victims falling for these types of scams, the worst thing you can do is to advise users that your software is available to be updated via a popup that looks exaclty like the ones you are trying to protect against!

So once again, thanks Panda Security for wasting 2 hours of my time that could have easily been avoided by simply adding the name of your software or branding to the popup!

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  1. Simon (12 years ago)

    This glitch aside, would you recommend Panda?

    • Goosh (12 years ago)

      Its nice and light, and has caught some stuff that AVG has missed, so I would recommend it.

  2. pbust (12 years ago)

    Pbust here from Panda. Sorry about this. It was a bug on our development process which we fixed mid-day Saturday (within 24 horus of the problem starting) by disabling the notification altogether.

    • Goosh (12 years ago)

      Thanks for the quick reply Pbust. Good to see that you are monitoring your brand on the social scope, and more importantly fixing the problem.

  3. @Panda_Security (12 years ago)

    Hi @Goosh Next time you can contact with @PandaTechSup in Twitter. They´re there for that!


    Panda PR Team.

  4. Simon (12 years ago)

    Have to say I’ll give it a crack now. Mainly based upon the active support that I’ve seen in these comments.

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