1&1: The Most Hated Domain & Hosting Provider

1&1: The Most Hated Domain & Hosting Provider

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As a form of disclaimer before I fly into this post, I have to admit that I worked for 24 Help, a supplier of offsite, white-label customer support to brands such as Sony Erricsson, Xbox UK, Norton and 1&1.  I worked, specifically, on the 1and 1 contract and even visited their head UK office in Slough to liaise with “2nd level support”.  However, this post is regarding their offerings and service – not them as an employer (which they were in an indirect way).

I have dealt with 1and several times in a professional capacity with regards to web development and hosting. Whilst their packages and services are competitive, they rely heavily on their advertising in every tech magazine you can think of with expensive 2-6 page spreads about how they are “Europes #1 Web Host”. Little do they tell you, they are also Europes #1 Hated Webhost.

Hate, for me, is a very strong word. It is a word reserved for sheer contempt towards someone or something. It usually boils over into unbridled anger and – in some cases – violence.  However, having experienced 1st line technical support as a customer, I can see why they are hated. In fairness to them, a lot of their complaints arise through people misunderstanding their service – the usual “non-savvy” customers. However, there are many people I have spoken to who hate them for a variety of reasons:

1&1 Customer Service

This is the single most complained reason regarding 1and1 when I have spoken to people. It comes down to one thing: the lack of it.

Most responses are at 1&1 are spoon fed from a guidebook of palm offs and there is little to no attempt to actually resolve the issue at hand. Whenever I have spoken to customer service operatives via the telephone they are often ill-trained, non-technical and unable to deal with the simple queries a web hosting provider should get including such gleaming responses as “What is an FTP?”, “DNS takes 7 days to resolve” and “We don’t support PHP on our dedicated servers”. (I shit you not at these responses).

In fact, the lack of customer service has annoyed Gary Taylor of 3ac.co.uk to start a campaign called 1&1 Are A Disgrace. I highly recommend you read it as it’s jaw-droppingly amazing at how incredulous 1&1 customer support is via email, telephone and twitter.

SEO Compatibility

Working at a digital marketing agency, I often deal with a large variety of providers, CMS’ and custom builds. 1&1’s “E-Shop” system is so bad that our SEO team have simply advised against dealing with potential clients who are using this system thus losing 1&1 money in the process.

The reasons behind this include:

  • The inability to enter custom Title and Meta Descriptions per page
  • The inability to install Google E-Commerce tracking
  • The inability to install Asynchronous Google Analytics code to the entire shop platform

I mean, seriously, if you were to advertise yourself as Europe’s biggest web host – wouldn’t you at least fix these simple problems within your CMS.

1&1 Hosting Location

Their servers are based in Germany in their very own a state-of-the-art datacenter. It’s nice, it’s impressive, but it’s also in Germany! They don’t tell you this unless you ask for it (or do a hosting lookup).

From an SEO perspective this can create a multitude of problems (not so much as they once did thanks to geo-targeting through webmaster tools). It’s enough to make Baby Jesus cry, and no-one wants that.

1&1 Complaints

They do have a problem with complaints flooding the web. Simple queries such as 1and1 complaints produce over 40,800 results with the following 1st page listings:

1and1 complaints (Google Screenshot)

1and1 complaints (Google Screenshot)

You would think they would fare better with a query such as 1and1 recommendations with 717,000 results, but the 1st page listings tell a different story:

1and1 recommendations (Google Screenshot)

1and1 recommendations (Google Screenshot)

There cover may be blown due to several negative responses are now ranking for brand name searches:

1&1 (Google Screenshot)

1&1 (Google Screenshot)

1and1 (Google Screenshot)

1and1 (Google Screenshot)

If you are still looking to host a website with 1and1, feel free – just don’t come crying to me and the thousands of other people who already hate them.

About the Author

Kev Strong

Kev Strong is an online marketing consultant at Newcastle Upon Tyne based digital marketing agency, Mediaworks. A lover of all things search and an ex-web developer, Kev Strong (a.k.a Goosh) is a specialist in advanced search engine optimisation.


  1. Shane (10 years ago)

    I had a domain tranferred there in october last year. I still dont have access to change the DNS setting and all core domain functions.

    They said they’d sort it out last year. 5 support tickets later still nothing. Thing is as well, i never actually closed the other 4 tickets…

    Not recommending them to anyone. will be transferring the domain away from them to another reputable provider as soon as people respond to my messages.

  2. Gary Taylor (10 years ago)

    Thank you for your support and this post Kev, it is great to see everyone getting involved and it is such a shame that 1&1 can’t even step up to the plate and make an official comment about why their customer service levels are so poor. Even acknowledging the issue seems to be too difficult for them at the moment…

    Again thanks for your support



  3. Goosh (10 years ago)


    Thanks for the comment. This seems to be a common occurance with them. Quite literally, sit on the money, see how much they can get.

    Not surprised you are not recommending them to be honest; I most certainly wouldn’t.

  4. Richard Bate (10 years ago)

    I’m currently using a 1&1 VPS server for work (Not by choice i should add). The admin system is terrible – Most features only work in IE.

    Moving domains from one provider to another (EG 1&1 over to 123-reg) is pretty much impossible.

    Tech support emails are normally days apart.

    Pretty much the TalkTalk of the webserver industry!

  5. Mike Essex (10 years ago)

    I use them for my personal site and totally agree. Not once have I ever received a helpful response from customer services. I’ve also been double charged (Thanks for the overdraft fee 1&1).

  6. Graham Smith (10 years ago)

    Having worked alongside Kev on the same contract and having spent time at their head office I also have first hand experience of their customer service and procedures. The thing I found completely irritating, having owned a 1&1 account, was the steps it took to actually cancel your package. It was an absolute ball-ache and what should be a simple task turned into weeks of unnecessary phone calls, emails and faxes just to cancel!

  7. Rob (10 years ago)

    Two phone calls, several emails and lost of messing about with any resolve to solve a small issue with a htaccess. What a saga. Decided to move web hosts – http://www.web-design-talk.co.uk/410/appreciating-your-web-host/

  8. Darren (10 years ago)

    I’ve also had problems with their support, my problem was with DNS issues on quite a few domains meaning I couldn’t actually use them, they just didn’t seem to understand that 8 months was a ridiculous amount of time to wait for it to be resolved, and not actually be resolved, they kept mentioning it had been escalated to a higher department but there was no way of contacting them, very frustrating!

    I still have a lot of domains at 1&1 but also have new hosting for renewal/new domains now.

    I quite like the fact my post is page 1 of google for “1&1 hosting support” though 🙂

  9. Linda (10 years ago)

    Regarding 1and1, predatory billing…cancelled both of my domains. I was charged my credit card for the service and then sent to collections to intimidate me to double bill me. DO NOT USE 1And1…

  10. a. billing (9 years ago)

    i tried a free 30-day trial. i hated it and stopped after 2 attempts.
    i then cancelled online via their website within 14 days of starting my trial

    i later found out (when i received an invoice 30 days after trial started) that not only did i have to cancel my domain name but i also had to cancel the contract! ie 2 separate processes – which i find very misleading and unfair.

    they then invoiced me full 1 year subscription even though i have no intention of ever using the terrible service again and neither support nor complaints department offered any assistance at all.

    do i have any course of action to avoid this payment?

  11. Michelle (9 years ago)

    Hi, I came across your post as per everyone else has a problem with 1&1! we are looking after a website who wants SEO but as you well know we are unable to add titles and descriptions to the various pages, did you ever find a way around this, i.e addition of code etc to bypass it?
    Many thanks

  12. Annie (9 years ago)

    Thanks for the warnings – I had no idea until now that the service provided was so bad.

    I know you won’t want to encourage advertising, but does anyone have any recommendations for simple-to-use web-building packages? I have started using SquareSpace but there may be other good ones out there.


  13. Dave (9 years ago)

    someone hacks my account sent a whole bunch of emails, they cancelled my contract without warning or helping me out, gave 30 days to transfer 35 domains… made all my private domains public after it was hacked… and did i mention that i beleive they are the one that release my account info for me to get hacked.. If you are a customer just call give ur customer ID and state your problem , watch the idiots release your name “am i speaking with john doe”…. gonna sue their pants off

  14. mick robson (8 years ago)

    I’ve sent death certs etc just to cancel my deceaseds fathers contract but they just want more and more certs. To top ing it all they then sent a lettert to him saying they couldn’t collect payment and they would cancel within 14 days if not paid. Still waiting 4 them to cancel. Fingers crossed.

  15. Mark Yousif (8 years ago)

    1&1 what a joke, 6 months ago i opened a 1&1 eCommerce, 5 min later i realized that they were a load of crap, when it come to designing a custom web site, so we switched over to ekm power shop (fantastic business) but kept all our email with 1&1 due to all the work involved to switch over, i wish i had of now. 1st i had major problems with the email keep timing me out, i would be half way through a email and it would log off on me, after endless call and emails to 1&1 all they could tell me to do was delete my catch and cookies, which i add still dont work, i have to open separate browser for my emails and hope for the best so problem still not corrected! also we had a billing issue (part our fault) a member who set the accounts up recently left the business and had all the passwords to the control panel, they cut off our emails with no warning and left me 3 days with out my business emails and still waiting, understand that if u don’t pay u get cut off id do the same. but to resolve the matter should not take 3 days or more, i am still waiting! i sent over the form they asked for then 4 hours later when i asked “when we being put back on?” they said i needed to send a letter head over. this is my 3 day of non business due to these Muppets i don’t understand how trading standards have not shut them down or at least investigated them the code of practice is all wrong the ppl u talk to in the centers are like robots and all they seem to do is pass the buck and have no self blame. i thought it might be just me but then reading the millions of letters of complaints against them pisses me off even more due them knowing that there a load of shit and still taking on new customers. deal with the current 1s 1st get it right then move on. there an absolute joke STAY WELL CLEAR.

  16. Warth Publishing Inc (8 years ago)

    Warth Publishing Inc.
    I wish I had read the criticisms of 1&1 before I bought their package. They billed me for over 30 domains I did not wish to renew. I stopped payment on this invoice and they locked my access to my account. All I asked for was a new corrected invoice. They refused. They kept sending me whois reviews and I could not access my account to cancel or renew domains. Every invoice was filled with mistakes that I was billed for. I am lost potential thousands of dollars in revenue. I could not cancel the package because I could not access my package.
    They kept sending me more and more domains to renew but I could not access my account because it was locked. They said to unlock the package I would have to pay for the domain renewals I do not want renewed.
    They said they would credit my account with the domains they erroneously charged me for. However, they did not. They only credited my account for 8 of the more than 30.
    I have contacted the CEO and others to see if they know what is going on. No response.
    I filed a complaint with the FBI Internet Fraud Division, the Better Business Bureau and other government agencies. I suggest others who have suffered from these people to do the same.

  17. Amanda Goward (8 years ago)

    I took out the free trial with one and one. I cancelled after 13 days via email however I noticed I had been charged from my PayPal after this period.

    I emailed again to cancel and was sent a variety of automated response mails. I was told to go online to cancel, I did this but the system wouldn’t let me. I then called and was told that I should speak to complaints and got a variety of responses from them.

    I have now been told that my non cancellation means I am in a weave month contract – quite rich as the non cancellation is down to their negligence.

    It am still trying to get my money back and cancel. First I thought I was £71 down but now I’m being treated like I’m going to be stuck paying this for a year – utterly disgusting.

    Any advice of who can help me would be great.


  18. Aaron (8 years ago)

    amazing they are still in business, one of the worst hosting services out there, i have worked with most of the web hosting companies, those guy just suck on every possible level.

  19. Mark Sawyer (8 years ago)

    I am in the middle of a nightmare with 1&1.

    I am buying a business which includes a domain name and web site hosted by 1&1. So, I ask for the domain to be moved into the name of my newly registered company, which happens to be identical to the previous sole proprietor’s name for the business, but obviously with the word ‘Limited’ at the end. Nothing unusual about that I would suggest.

    Although the previous owner has filled in all the necessary forms for transfer of ownership, 1&1 are now asking for an instruction from her on a corporate letter heading. The problem is that she was a sole trader, ‘trading as’ the buiness name and her buiness was never incorporated as a company.

    So I own the company name but she owns the domain name. Simple! Wel, it may be for me abd most commercially aware and educated people but not for staff at 181. Where do they get them from?

    For the life of me, I cannot get the process department at 1&1 to understand the difference between a trading name and and registered corporation. They are asking for something which cannot be provided and after a number of frustrating attempts to explain the situation to a dim-witted, jobs worth bimbo, I am no further forward. In fact, this is what I have just received from her:

    “There is no need to get personal, we have to adhere to company rules/company policy and we are simply trying to do our job.

    Any inappropriate comments will not be tolerated, we are not here to take unpleasant comments.

    If you wish to take the matter further then you are more than welcome to write to our complaints department.”

    Oh boy! Catch 22 comes to mind. They want a corporate instruction (on an official corporate letter head) from a none limited corporate entity in order to transfer ownership of a domain name to the corporate entity which was incorporated for the purpose of taking ownership of the name.

    Maybe they will accept the instruction from me on the new company’s letter head which have yet to be printed….hilarious!

    What a bunch of incompetant idiots.

  20. Darren Midas (8 years ago)

    “amazing they are still in business, one of the worst hosting services out there, i have worked with most of the web hosting companies, those guy just suck on every possible level.”

    Problem is Aaron they have a massive marketing budget so they soak up all the problems and lost custom by binning customers with new ones!

    They are truly horrendous, but what do people REALLY expect when they pay peanuts for a service???

  21. Simon Hare (7 years ago)

    I naively signed up with 1and1 for a home package for £6.28 per month which included web hosting and domain name. I have now discovered they have been billing my credit card for an extra £71.96 a quarter for ‘My Website Package’. They say I responded to a telephone sales call over a year ago agreeing to this; WHICH I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT. They have taken £359.80 from my credit card account for this extra service which I did not request. Trying to speak to people at their call centre is a total waste of time. I’m now going to issue legal proceedings for theft and the recovery of my money. BE WARNED GO TO ANYONE BUT DON’T USE THESE CROOKS.

  22. Bilal Nawrozie (7 years ago)

    1qnd1 is like a scum company, they take your website done without any advance notice and their customer support is like nightmare.

    They brought my website down and it is almost two days I can’t get hold of their bloody support team to get my fucking website activated.
    I think everyone should leave this scum company, even their DNS is not free, you have to pay them to get your dokan pointed on their server.

  23. Brandon (7 years ago)

    Its unfortunate to hear so many people have had negative experiences. I work for a company similar to 1and1 and we take pride in our customer service. Our pricing is pretty reasonable too. Check us out https://yovigo.com

  24. Len (7 years ago)

    We’re going from more than 100 hosted domain names with 1and1 to one (1) within the year. We need to keep the one domain due to having a well branded CMS hosted there. We’ll try to figure out how to move that domain without disrupting our client services. What is wrong with these people at 1and1? Guess what! Their making a lot of money, like most hosting providers and have forgotten what it means to offer a quality product and service. Obviously their days are numbered and they probably don’t even care because the owners have more than enough money; it’s the employees who will have to find new jobs!

  25. Gavin (7 years ago)

    I look after clients who need to move their hosting and a LOT of them are 1&1 ex customers, this was their latest email from a client with a site that is looked at by 10000’s of people a day:


    Thank you for contacting us.

    I regret to inform you that due to the hardware issue with the server the data has been irretrievably lost. You will need to re-image the server from the 1&1 control panel, once the re-image is completed notify us and we will have your virtual machine moved to a new hardware node. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Joseph Cooper
    Dedicated Server Support

    That is the most laughable email of such catastrophic news EVER !!!

  26. Beverly Kruger (7 years ago)

    And so … . 1 & 1 once again Customer Service Demonstrate That is apparently a term Flexible In Their dictionary
    Server goes down apparently DDOS attack Because of a FROM our server, then the tune changes and They Can not put us back up Because the DDOS attack is AGAINST our server . FINALLY, A MIRACLE! The server goes back up …….
    Then it goes back down Because once again the DDOS attack is FROM our server. The solution …. log into the server and fix the problem. Great st uff! ONLY …. we can not access our server and are apparently only 2 people on duty – neither can do a thing to help, and oh by the way, Monday is a holiday so the folks who can help will not be available until Tuesday.
    I Could have sworn that 1 & 1 Were supposed to be a large company and I naively Believed That large companies who advertise 24/7 support actually HAVE 24/7 support with qualified staff. Yeah I know-I’m too old to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.
    Got to love it. Anyone out there on 1 & 1 – check out Fasthosts. We have a second server with them and doing lot GENUINE 24/7 support with qualified people who actually do something other than putting the phone down When you ask to speak to a manager.

  27. Anthony (7 years ago)

    I don’t get it… the only problem i have had with 1 and 1 has been problem the author speaks of… their support is horrible if you don’t know what your doing. I had a site with 1 and 1 on a shared server and had absolutely no problem UNTIL it started getting 5000+ visitors a day and i had to upgrade to a server. Once i did that I was amazed t how little the support people at night were able to help. they actually said they didn’t know what they were doing but he did send me some totally irrelevant emails…lol. But, when i called support during the day I had no problem getting my issue resolved…

    As for the people that have had problems with canceling accounts and transferring domains. I have never had a problem with that. i had a different account with them and canceled my account with their online tool and it worked. I transferred a domain and, although it took forever, it eventually transferred.

    So, idk, their definitely not the best but i just didn’t have the problems that some of the people who have left comments have had and their prices are very competitive… that’s the whole reason i stay with them.

  28. Paul T (7 years ago)

    I am in dispute with 1and1 and going legal.
    I bought a domain name to store for a dormant Company I may use in a few years. That’s all I BOUGHT and agreed a purchase price and paid on my card. At no point did I want or request further services for a DORMANT company. They swiftly signed me up to their monthly we hosting account charging me £17.99 a month. They then frauduently began taking money from my account despite being told repeatedly not to and to cancel whatever they had inadvertently signed me to. Monthly debits were taken out under strict objections. I have had to cancel my card and sign a fraud declaration which I have done. They are e mailng me weekly with demands and threatening debt recovery agency costs. They have now got hold of my address and are writing tome at home. I have taken advice and am counter suing them for my time and stress caused. PLEASE PLEASE use another Company and continue to boycott this aggressive illegal practice.

  29. John Henn (7 years ago)

    awful, just awful
    I made the mistake of falling for one of their “sales” and it has haunted me for years. THey are a terrible domain and host service provider with ZERO customer service. I hope the rumors are true and that they are being sold to GoDaddy (who actually has customer service!) —– DO NOT USE 1AND1 — NIGHTMARE

  30. Brian H (7 years ago)

    I just today tried to cancel my contracts. Looked simple, got to the site clicked on “Cancellation” and got an “Internal Server Error has occurred”. So I click the link from there which takes me to the cancellation homepage. Ok whatever, let’s try again. Nope “Internal Server Error”. Click on Cancellation Status, works completely fine, but I have no pending cancellations. How very convenient. All other links seem to work fine, but the one link that doesn’t is the link to cancel services. So I have to call technical support and sit on hold for 15 mins, while I had originally been on my way out the door just to complete this simple request. I was cool with 1&1 up to this point, but this minor process flop is going to make me look elsewhere for my next domain.

  31. Venkat (7 years ago)

    Most pathetic service by some bunch of thrid rate employees from 1and1 & we are unable to cancel the domains due to website error & also having issues in transferring out domains due to their technical issues … I am being harassed with 1&1 for last 1, 2 weeks & i already moved out most of domains to namecheap.com (good service by the way & recommend – after having 7+ years of thousands of dollars paid to 1and1 ) – I took the best decision in my online life to get out of 1and1 – I moved out all my domains from 1&1 & i am peaceful now.

  32. Jeff Yablon (7 years ago)

    I have what may be the ultimate story about 1and1 (see http://answerguy.com/2014/06/14/1and1-customer-service-shared-server-influency/ )

    Bottom line is that 1and1 … and this isn’t OK, but it explains a lot … suffers from the same thing that really really large companies always suffer from, and in the face of that expecting “support” on something you pay only a few dollars a month for makes YOU the fool. Lesson learned.

    Read the story behind http://answerguy.com/2014/06/14/1and1-customer-service-shared-server-influency/ ; I think you’ll get it.

  33. Unhappy 1and1 Customer (7 years ago)

    I saw on 1and1’s website that they were offering a years hosting for £0.99p.
    I thought ‘wow, what a deal’ and immediate went and signed up for it. I also registered a domain name which it clearly stated would also cost £0.99p.

    I logged into my account – the total cost showed as £1.98 excluding VAT – and paid. When I checked my confirmation email, I realised I had been charged £0.99 for the hosting as promised but £15 for the domain!

    I’ve sent an email so I will see what kind of response I get. It’s either one big CON / SCAM or a mistake. I’m hoping it’s the latter.

  34. Paul (7 years ago)

    They cancelled my account in error even though it is paid up until the end of the year. That was 5+ days ago and to reinstate it they had to open a new account which I was billed for. I have received a credit for this but my domain has not yet been reinstated. I have rung them over 8 times and the average wait time for a reply is 20 minutes. All the staff I have spoken to do not want to take responsibility for getting me back on line by saying that it is another departments responsibility. You can not escalate the calls to a more senior individual as Managers are not allowed to talk to the general public.
    Hopefully some one will read this before signing up to what must be the World’s worse web hosting company.

  35. Jonathan Collins (7 years ago)

    My advice is to avoid 1&1. I called their tech support line this morning simply to ask if it was possible to insert a hyperlink to a URL within an email using their email client. After nearly 30 minutes on the phone it became clear that the person I was speaking to was deliberately concealing from me that he knew all along that this was not possible. I am furious at having my time wasted in this way. This is not the only negative experience I have had with 1&1. Having run a software company it is clear to me that there is an endemic culture within the company to simply avoid answering any queries for fear of being drawn into explanations of why functionality is poor and bugs are not being fixed. It is a truism that you get what you pay for and I guess that 1&1 capitalise on the fact that thousands of users will opt for their cheap package to build a web site and then do precious little else with it hence little need for professional functionality or support. You are better off to go for a FREE solution such as WEEBLY. I shall certainly be going elsewhere!

  36. MICHAEL (7 years ago)

    Non service is the order of the day with 1&1. I paid at the beginning of july for the last three months of my website contract, they locked the website with all emails last week saying I hadn’t paid! They’ve said they hadn’t received any cheques – I sent four for various contracts – one went through slightly late, another one has featured in my bank today after I paid it by bacs last week! They do not answer numerous emails and constantly pass the buck. They seem to have no commonsense whatsoever. Roll on september when the contract finishes! DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have anything to do with 1&1 Internet or you will seriously regret it.

  37. Chris (7 years ago)

    Luckily my e-mail web address is NOT with 1&1
    We reserved some names with them for some years but last year I started the process of cancellation. Here is my tale of woe
    1. For some years I had reserved some domain names at a minimal cost. The domain names were no longer being developed and were surplus to requirements by 2010/11. I had left in place as an oversight.

    2. In late 2013 you sent out an e-mail advising of charging changes. This alerted me to the dormant names and I contacted your cancellations unit to cancel my subscriptions.

    3. I was surprised in early March 2014 to receive a demand for continuing the cancelled subscription. I naively assumed this was an oversight and ignored it!

    4. I received a reminder in mid March so I rang the cancellations/customer services/billing – during this call I think I was put through to all these departments. By the end of the conversations I was assured that:-
    a. The contract had been cancelled
    b. The bill was cancelled
    c. I did not owe any money to 1&1

    5. I received a follow-up e-mail “How did we do” from Manuel Wolf ref: C429027692. This gave me comfort that this time the promised actions will have been carried out.

    6. I was annoyed at the end of March when a further reminder arrived. I replied with the following irritated e-mail




    C J HALL

    7. I heard nothing more and again – naively with hindsight – assumed that you would correct your error.

    8. Yesterday 14/8/14 I received a guarded phone call from Arvato claiming that they were collecting a debt on your behalf. Getting this information from their representative was like pulling teeth.

    9. I rang the 0175 number and after a considerable wait spoke with a gentleman identified as Pete. After explaining the saga to him over a poor line, he transferred me to UK Billing. Another long wait ensued before I was connected to a lady who identified herself as Diane? – the line was still not good. With some difficulty the situation was explained to her and at the end Diane:-
    a. Stated that she would escalate the issue within 1&1
    b. Gave me a reference of 466355445
    c. Agreed to confirm the details by e-mail

    10. No further communication has been received from 1&1
    11. An e-mail with an un-readable attachment has been received from Arvato

    DO NOT GO NEAR 1&1

  38. Dave (7 years ago)

    OK – I’m here because I am currently hacked off with 1 and 1. But I have been with them for eight years and run a dozen sites off my package and this is the first time they have p****d me off. As far as technical / customer support goes, they are as hit and miss as any big service provider, internet or otherwise. I’ve dealt with 123-reg, GoDaddy, Virgin Media and EE as well as 1 and 1 recently, and it comes down to who (finally) answers your call. With all of them, I’ve dealt with clowns and very decent helpful staff (for instance, ‘phoned VM to tell them a lorry had reversed into their street cabinet and totaled their service inc. internet.
    ME ‘Hello, a lorry has reversed into you cabinet next to my house, and I’ve no TV or internet’.
    VM helpline “OK sir, if you could just check if the ethernet cable is plugged into your computer…’
    ME ‘A lorry has flattened your box in the street.’
    VM ‘… OK .. can you check the lights on your router?’
    ME ‘The box in the street is a mangled mess of wires and metal.’
    VM ‘.. have you tried to turning the router off and and on?’ and so on).

    My current problem with 1 and 1 is canceling one of my contracts. They really go out of their way to stop you doing this. You click a cancel button in the relevant control panel, receive a email asking you to phone a 0800 number to confirm it really is you who got into the control panel and clicked ‘cancel’, and then they never answer the ohone. So I’ve cancelled my Direct Debit, emailed customer support and WRITTEN to their Slough (UK) address, mentioning Trading Standards in the complaint. Waiting for response, and their legal letters whining about ‘missing payments’.

    After fifteen years of dealing with ISPs my advice is shop around and expect occasional problems with all of them. After all, every single company has one main aim, to get your money into their pockets.

  39. craig (7 years ago)

    1and1 are totally crap – don’t touch them with a bargepole – customer services is run by ignoramus’s

  40. Deano (7 years ago)

    I have just fallen victim to 1&1s policy of signing customers up to things they never asked for – I have a PDF invoice here for over £300 pounds a year for a service I never asked for, agreed to nor requested nor need.

    I have just sent them an email attempting to cancel this product and telling them that if any money vanishes from my account I will consider it an act of fraud and will seek legal advice.

    Stay away from these people and seek a repuable company.

    I assume 1&1 have an internal policy of signing up X number of people per year for services they never asked for – God knows how many people fall victim to this every year, I only discovered the invoice after browsing through an email address I rarely look at.

    Is this company run by people with connections to organised crime?

  41. Robin (7 years ago)

    I have purchased many domain names via 1 and 1. Recently I forgot my password and tried to rest it. I never received a reset link. In fact I phoned them twice and on one occasion they even asked me for my email address password. This I flatly refused. I kept getting emails asking me to check my spam folder. The fact is they claim it has been sent multiple times, but I never received it. I received all their other emails of course, just not the one I needed. One support person admitted they had problems with their password reset but it had been fixed. Well it looks like the problem is back, but I can’t login to my control panel. It’s very frustrating dealing with these people. I plan to move every domain away from them as quick as I can. I will never use them again.

  42. Richard (6 years ago)

    How about:

    You can have Linux based hosting, or Windows based hosting. Windows based includes IIS web server and is advertised as offering ASP.NET. Pre-sales support strongly advise customers to choose Linux hosting, unless the customer has a very good reason for wanting to use Windows hosting. I did, I wanted to use ASP.NET – however they were right and I was wrong. After 6 months of struggling to get even the most basic ASP.NET service to run, 1&1 tech support finally explained “We don’t support ASP.NET on Windows hosting”. So the control panel screens that claim to allow customers to upload and configure ASP.NET applications, don’t actually do anything.

  43. 1&1 my review (6 years ago)

    I have hosted a lot of websites with different web hosting companies, the last one was with 1and1 where I also got one domain from them (for another website hosted in one of my VPSs).

    It is a good service but not the best you can find. Compared to HostGator 1and1 support is no good. I called their toll free number and they hang up on me after I made the question (only the first time, when I called later everything went ok) but after the second call I had another opinion on their support, their phone support was not the best, but better than most (I have experience with hosting providers that made me wait 30minutes to answer my call).

    The hosting plans are good since they offer 100GB web hosting for only 0.99$ the first year and 5.99$ after the first year. They also provide “UNLIMITED” web hosting but I have the 100GB plan and even the “UNLIMITED” plan will not offer me 100GB. It is impossible to get unlimited disk space so be sure to read the TOS when ordering. They had a 90days money back guarantee but it doesn’t cover everything. When you want to change plans they have a messy procedure (that’s why I stayed with the 100GB plan and didn’t get another – I wanted another plan to get more features) and if you mess things up you will end up paying more than the webhosting cost for 1 year just because of some mistake. When you send them an email you get this :”Thank you for your recent e-mail. We expect to answer your email within the next 12 to 24 hours.” And trust me, they do take that much time. That’s why I would recommend phone support (use Skype if you are in an area with no toll free support) over email support when you get in trouble and need help.

    I would recommend you to get hosting from 1and1 if you are making a small or medium website and I would also recommend the 100GB package over the others. Also note that they don’t use cpanel. So if you want to take all your stats from, let’s say awstats, and transfert them to them, you can’t (orif you are a hostgator customer and want to transfer your website thought backups) . They have their own panel that is good if you start a new website but that is not cPanel.

  44. Shahram (6 years ago)

    Called 1&1 support team to ask to do some changes in my php.ini file. It’s a simple task and it’d usually take about 2 minutes for most hosting companies to do it. However, the story with 1&1 was quite different. I had to call twice but still the support team could not get it right. When the second call took me 40 minutes and still no results, I asked to speak with the supervisor. Then I was on hold for another 30 minutes and then they hung up on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called for the third time and asked for the supervisor. It turned out supervisors are only in from Monday to Friday!!! They are awful, I would leave them for sure!

  45. Rick Leslie (6 years ago)

    The thing that I find most annoying is that, although I can find lots of numbers to contact 1and1, they all get me through to the same queue and the same people!!!

    How do you contact someone who actually works for 1and1?

  46. Roger (6 years ago)

    1&1 have been my worst online experience ever, closely followed by 123reg. Both make it impossible to find a clear path to move url’s. Cancelling a url is I believe, intentionally difficult.

    I consider it a good day when I put someone off buying a service from either company. Look forward to both of them being closed down.

  47. Chris (6 years ago)

    I transferred to 1and1 from GoDaddy! That was the biggest mistake of my life! I set up hosting with them and transferred all of my domains to the hosting account. However, I noticed one of them was missing. I could not find it at all! So I called them and waited on hold for over an hour. Then when I got someone, they said I cancelled that domain! I did no such thing! Then they said for some crazy fee I can stop that cancellation. I declined! Now all of a sudden I am getting emails to bid on that domain I lost! Tell me what the heck that is all about. I would love to have that domain back, since I had it over 7 years! I am now back with Godaddy! That was the worst move I could have ever made with my domain service!

  48. Dee (5 years ago)

    I called the 1&1 support, says that after I renewed the payment, the website back to service but it is changed, the previous front page is gone. Apparently, the girl who answered the phone doesn’t understand what I am talking about!!! By the end, the girl has insisted that somebody changed the website and I should further investigate this!!!!!!!! I told her that there are only two people take care of this website, and neither of us have done anything, I am just calling to report this issue, but she has insisted that it is somebody logged into the website and made the change…. Then there are some crazy noises come from the phone, I asked to talk someone else and the crazy noises come again!!! I believe it is that girl did something to make the noise!!!!! And then she said if I want to talk with someone else I have to call again, so I just hanged up!!! It is sooooo bad!!!

  49. Rob (5 years ago)

    I have been with 1and 1 for a long time but the last couple of years I noticed my bill is doubled and when I looked up on their sales I found that the same package is 10% of what I’m paying. When I enquired about why my bill is so massively increased they said this because you have been long with us and prices will go up! when I asked why the same package like mine is so cheap , they said this only for new customer and If I want the same price I have to cancel my website then renew to get the offer. I really gone mad and asked that I need to cancel my whole package for good. Now they ask if I need to renew my domain I need to cancel in the CPL is this a catch? Can anyone tell if they had the same experience?

    Also, I have been in their marketing and two client hosted their website but I didn’t get any penny for commission? STAY CLEAR FROM 1and1 AT ALL COST