1&1: The Most Hated Domain & Hosting Provider

1&1: The Most Hated Domain & Hosting Provider

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As a form of disclaimer before I fly into this post, I have to admit that I worked for 24 Help, a supplier of offsite, white-label customer support to brands such as Sony Erricsson, Xbox UK, Norton and 1&1.  I worked, specifically, on the 1and 1 contract and even visited their head UK office in Slough to liaise with “2nd level support”.  However, this post is regarding their offerings and service – not them as an employer (which they were in an indirect way).

I have dealt with 1and several times in a professional capacity with regards to web development and hosting. Whilst their packages and services are competitive, they rely heavily on their advertising in every tech magazine you can think of with expensive 2-6 page spreads about how they are “Europes #1 Web Host”. Little do they tell you, they are also Europes #1 Hated Webhost.

Hate, for me, is a very strong word. It is a word reserved for sheer contempt towards someone or something. It usually boils over into unbridled anger and – in some cases – violence.  However, having experienced 1st line technical support as a customer, I can see why they are hated. In fairness to them, a lot of their complaints arise through people misunderstanding their service – the usual “non-savvy” customers. However, there are many people I have spoken to who hate them for a variety of reasons:

1&1 Customer Service

This is the single most complained reason regarding 1and1 when I have spoken to people. It comes down to one thing: the lack of it.

Most responses are at 1&1 are spoon fed from a guidebook of palm offs and there is little to no attempt to actually resolve the issue at hand. Whenever I have spoken to customer service operatives via the telephone they are often ill-trained, non-technical and unable to deal with the simple queries a web hosting provider should get including such gleaming responses as “What is an FTP?”, “DNS takes 7 days to resolve” and “We don’t support PHP on our dedicated servers”. (I shit you not at these responses).

In fact, the lack of customer service has annoyed Gary Taylor of 3ac.co.uk to start a campaign called 1&1 Are A Disgrace. I highly recommend you read it as it’s jaw-droppingly amazing at how incredulous 1&1 customer support is via email, telephone and twitter.

SEO Compatibility

Working at a digital marketing agency, I often deal with a large variety of providers, CMS’ and custom builds. 1&1’s “E-Shop” system is so bad that our SEO team have simply advised against dealing with potential clients who are using this system thus losing 1&1 money in the process.

The reasons behind this include:

  • The inability to enter custom Title and Meta Descriptions per page
  • The inability to install Google E-Commerce tracking
  • The inability to install Asycronous Google Analytics code to the entire shop platform

I mean, seriously, if you were to advertise yourself as Europe’s biggest web host – wouldn’t you at least fix these simple problems within your CMS.

1&1 Hosting Location

Their servers are based in Germany in their very own a state-of-the-art datacenter. It’s nice, it’s impressive, but it’s also in Germany! They don’t tell you this unless you ask for it (or do a hosting lookup).

From an SEO perspective this can create a multitude of problems (not so much as they once did thanks to geo-targeting through webmaster tools). It’s enough to make Baby Jesus cry, and no-one wants that.

1&1 Complaints

They do have a problem with complaints flooding the web. Simple queries such as 1and1 complaints produce over 40,800 results with the following 1st page listings:

1and1 complaints (Google Screenshot)

1and1 complaints (Google Screenshot)

You would think they would fare better with a query such as 1and1 recommendations with 717,000 results, but the 1st page listings tell a different story:

1and1 recommendations (Google Screenshot)

1and1 recommendations (Google Screenshot)

There cover may be blown due to several negative responses are now ranking for brand name searches:

1&1 (Google Screenshot)

1&1 (Google Screenshot)

1and1 (Google Screenshot)

1and1 (Google Screenshot)

If you are still looking to host a website with 1and1, feel free – just don’t come crying to me and the thousands of other people who already hate them.

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Kev Strong

Kev Strong is an online marketing consultant at Newcastle Upon Tyne based digital marketing agency, Mediaworks. A lover of all things search and an ex-web developer, Kev Strong (a.k.a Goosh) is a specialist in advanced search engine optimisation.


  1. sajal (6 months ago)

    Yesterday I am trying to purchased a domain from 1&1, and they deducted my money without provide any service. Actually they stole money from my payoneer MasterCard, and I also think they stored my account information for future uses. In that case I am so worried about my account information. There is no way to delete my all information from 1and1.com site. I contacted with 1and1.com by mail but they didn’t response my mail, after 10 hours I also contacted with their Facebook fanpage and after 4 hours I got a replay from a 1and1 guy called Joshua. Joshua also disappointed me. Hare is the main thing is they deducted my money and stored my account information for future uses. So 1and1.com is the most fraud, ever I seen.

    Sajal Mondal

  2. Mike (5 months ago)

    Tried to leave this bunch of thieves. Took money even after assuring me they had cancelled account. Poorest service ever experienced. Don’t go near them, if you are already unwittingly part of their sharp practice – cancel any payment details with them and get out now. Good luck.


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