Tesco Horsemeat Debacle Creates Comedians Tim Vine Would Be Jealous Of

Tesco Horsemeat Debacle Creates Comedians Tim Vine Would Be Jealous Of

By | January 16, 2013 at 1:43 pm | One comment | Social Media

On Wednesday 16th January 2013, leading superstores Tesco & Iceland recalled their top-selling beefburgers, such as the Tesco Finest range, after it was found that the beef content was 29% horsemeat. Obviously, this is huge news in the UK as horsemeat is a big no no for most people and the mere thought of using horses for meat is horrifying.

However, it did not stop the nation taking to their favourite social media platforms with some of the finest quips and wordsplay I have seen for a long time! Many of the one-liners would make Tim Vine jealous.

By utilising social media, the jokes are out there instantly as opposed to historically texting your mate or back in the day before mobile communications, telling your mate down the pub!

Some of the best include:

Have you seen any others that you think are worthy of a mention? Add them to the comments section below and I will update with the best ones.


A special mention for @rexgoldsmith for a flurry of corkers:

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  1. katiek (9 years ago)

    From @rexgoldsmith

    “Horse meat found in tesco burgers. Camel toe found in tesco leggings”