Is SEO bullshit?

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I’ve had many discussions, heated debates and rants with many of my close friends who still work in the realm of web development, web design & corporate branding about SEO. Many still believe SEO is bullshit. One of my closest web dev buddies still believes that “SEO is as real as fairy dust”. Yet, he still uses me for advice on SEO for big name clients who are trying to compete – go figure 😉

It all comes down to skills. As with SEO’s there is a varying difference in skills between good & bad web developers/designers. Some are open-minded, some are elitist and some are just starved of oxygen to the brain – just like some SEO’s I know. Unfortunately you only ever hear about the bad experiences – from both sides of the fence.

Developers, Designers & Marketing Consultants cross swords so often now when it comes to websites that you will inadvertently piss people off at some point.  Thankfully, I used to be a web developer and I quickly found out that SEO wasn’t just about stuffing META tags and adding blocks and blocks of copy to the footer of a website.  Unfortunately, again, it’s the latter that you hear about from agencies who don’t know enough about SEO.

It’s a Team Effort

The reason I stepped away from development and stepped into SEO fulltime was to hone my skills in SEO and with this came the ability to offer advice to clients, developers and friends.  I didn’t do it to sell a shitty, misleading service that was just as good as Snakeoil – I used to do that when I worked for BT selling Friends & Family!

What came from that step was a fountain of knowledge that is used daily with several web development companies, resolving problems with their websites that are impacting on their rankings and once these changes are implemented the differences are there to be seen!

When I work with a client, I like to get involved as early on in the project as possible. If you can work together with a web development company, explaining WHY you are suggesting the changes to their markup, overuse of specific technologies (Frames!, Javascript, Cookies, Flash), purchasing process, page titling, internal link structures etc, then the ride is much, much smoother.  There are so many problems that can be avoided by simply sitting down and talking about it.

An Expensive Website Won’t Cut It!

Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, building a nice looking, W3C compliant website just won’t cut it when trying to get into the top 5 for competitive keywords such as “bingo”.  When it comes down to markets like these, SEO becomes a necessity and much like designers and developers, the SEO’s who are good at it make a success of it!  If they suck, then the client languishes out of sight where no-one will see them.

“There’s no point building a state-of-the-art, revolutionary hotel in the middle of the desert if no-one can find you.”  I used to hate that quote, but it becomes so evident when you are trying to attract visitors in, what is essentially, a room of 1000’s of people trying to get your attention.

So, No – SEO is not bullshit! There are just shit SEO’s!

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Kev Strong

Kev Strong is an online marketing consultant at Newcastle Upon Tyne based digital marketing agency, Mediaworks. A lover of all things search and an ex-web developer, Kev Strong (a.k.a Goosh) is a specialist in advanced search engine optimisation.


  1. Kay (12 years ago)

    Amen to that! 🙂

    Most people who make blanket statements putting down all SEO are simply displaying their ignorance and narrowmindness.

    There are bad websites.
    There is competition.
    We have the Internet.
    People use the Internet to find things, quickly.

    It’s because of those that SEO exists. Sadly it also means bad SEO’s exist. Just bad service providers exist for pretty much everything else too.

    Anyway, I found another shit PPC provider. So PPC is bullshit, right?

  2. Andy @ FirstFound (12 years ago)

    Well put!

    I can’t work out whether people are threatened by SEO, or whether it’s just skepticism caused by bad experiences of bad SEOs.

    As for Kay’s comment – every organic SEO specialist knows that PPC is total Bullshit! 😉

  3. fuckgoosh (12 years ago)

    its obvious most people who think SEO is some sort of special skill or an actual job are true queers who love to eat and drink cum in their fuck faced offices. fucking sad cunts.
    go fuck off and masturbate to images of bill gates and your “designer” queers.
    cock suckers. anybody who does seo is a gay fuck who sucks on obama’s shrivelled cock.

  4. Goosh (12 years ago)

    I thought I would approve the comment above since someone went to the effort of publicly slating me. Thanks for that. I appreciate it; it saves me writing some content around SEO, no matter how filthy.

    Cheerio 😉

  5. Carly (12 years ago)

    Oh dear, and those who *don’t* think SEO is a real profession probably don’t know what they’re talking about… SEO has a fantastic ROI when employed correctly. I’m not talking spam, quick and easy links and content scraping but engaging, creating and conversing. But hey, instead of debating it, let’s use foul language and make ourselves look like children, you knobber!

  6. Dave (12 years ago)

    You all make very good, valid points but ultimately I’m going to have to agree with fuckgoosh. He definitely sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, and I’d love to hear some more savvy marketing advice from him.

  7. Rhys (12 years ago)

    I would like to respectively disagree with “fuckgoosh” for the following reasons.:-

    – I am not an expert in the subject, but how does one “eat AND drink cum”? Not that I’m looking to, you understand, but surely you can’t eat and drink anything?
    – I wonder what fuckgoosh does for a day job? I mean, I think he’s an interior designer. His “fuck face offices” are all the rage I think.
    – Whilst I respect the career of William H Gates III, at no point would I ever consider pleasuring myself over him. He’s not even a looker.
    – Also as talented as Bill Gates is, I wouldn’t refer to him as a designer.
    – Although I don’t know for sure, and if we are to follow common race stereotypes, the fact that he’s fathered 3 children & the permanent smug gril on Michelle’s face, I can imagine that Obama’s cock is anything but shrivelled.

  8. Barry (12 years ago)

    @Rhys, I don’t know man, consuming yoghurt is a bit like eating and drinking at the same time, know what I mean? And Bill Gates, well, it’s those glasses man… h.a.w.t.

  9. Liam (12 years ago)

    @Carly, you didn’t describe SEO you described what makes a website good, nothing to do with SEO, just common sense if you want a successful website.

  10. malcolm (12 years ago)

    Rhys: You can eat yoghurt, when it’s in a pot. But you can also buy yoghurt drinks, that you, er, drink.

    So maybe cum is like yoghurt.

    Not like, say, peach melba yoghurt which has bits in it.

    But possibly more like natural yoghurt?

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