How I easily got 1st page for an Alcohol Addiction Keyphrase

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Around 2004 when I was still finding my feet in SEO and was confused by the SEO noise that was out there I played about with buying keyword rich TLD’s and tried to get traffic to them to see how well they ranked.  I never really witnessed the true potential, and whilst me and a mate made a little bit of money from slapping some AdSense on them once they hit 2nd page, I can easily say that I never ranked in the giddy heights where traffic enabled me to just sit back and watch the pounds roll in.

That was a long time ago, and whilst the tactic for keyword rich TLD’s still exists, I have never truly witnessed their natural ranking potentials from scratch at the time as I didn’t understand SEO fully enough to employ all of the tactics needed.  Thankfully I have been given the opportunity recently with a few TLD’s that I have been dabbling with and I can say that it is pathetically easy to get a 1st page ranking for a phrase you want to target if you have the .com/.net/.org

I recently bought and lo and behold I now have a 1st page ranking for a low-competitive keyword.

Let’s look at the stats for this:

  • Date Registered:  9th February 2010
  • Unused until site launched (WordPress):  20th February 2010
  • Google Webmaster Tools & Sitemap.xml submission:  20th February 2010
  • Local UK Search (Exact):  590
  • Global Search (Exact):  210

The rewards for a 1st page ranking for this domain are pretty much non-existant but for the sake of “testing” I was surprised at how quickly I achieved 1st page rankings – and how highly:

Alcohol Addiction Clinics (

  • 1st Page Ranking:  27th February 2010
  • Position:  5
  • Competition:  468,000

Alcohol Addiction Clinics (

  • 1st Page Ranking:  27th February 2010
  • Position:  4
  • Competition:  504,000

“Non-Competitive” I hear you say, and I agree.  I just find it worrying that a site with no links (I built none!), a simple XML site-submission and a default WordPress installation with a made up article can rank so highly – and so quickly.

Knowing my luck this blog post will end up ranking higher 🙁

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Kev Strong is an online marketing consultant at Newcastle Upon Tyne based digital marketing agency, Mediaworks. A lover of all things search and an ex-web developer, Kev Strong (a.k.a Goosh) is a specialist in advanced search engine optimisation.


  1. Anthony (12 years ago)

    I have been bestowing the virtues of a boring but pertinent TLD for years, it works, but having done my own tests in the last few months, it only works for terms that are low in terms of peoples desire for a top spot.

    I have and yep with total copied content (largely) it ranks at the high spots of google for the term video seo news, and did that in about one week….but fuck all people are typing that in at all, and i have no intention of doing any more with that site, but it proved a point to me, but i have just bought loads (got a domain name fetch) of TLD’s to try the idea of affiliate marketing or making money from simple organic traffic and the work is a lot harder let me tell you, which brings me to another point!

    It would appear from cursory observation thst and has differing weights of google ticks…ie the former is harder to rank for………just a feeling and no real understanding why.

    And just tested my video site results and that is with 29,400,000 in competition!


    I wrote an article here actually on similar vain!

    Tips on choosing the right domain name for marketing



  2. Goosh (12 years ago)

    Yep, I’ve came to the same conclusion Anthony. It will only get you so far before other factors need to be addressed (i.e. Links!).

    Mind you, it’s a good way of creating a mini-network of linking websites around a certain niche if you do it low enough below the radar without looking like an out & out link farm.