Brown Corduroy Leggings: Don’t Forget Your Long Tail

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Anyone who is familiar with large authority, e-commerce websites will know that long tail keyphrases (such as obscure things like brown corduroy leggings) will deliver traffic to your website whilst not actually targeting them through an external link building campaign but through an internal one instead.

By building up the authority of your domain along with a search engine friendly site structure you can target many long tail keywords if you get the balance right.

Why Corduroy Leggings?

When I came up for this article we were in the office discussing fashion trends & disasters that then went onto generate search volume.  In the last ten years, what fashion disasters and trends could be merged to create the worst fashion trend of all?

  1. Leggings
  2. Corduroy

Yes, we came up with corduroy leggings!  Not only did a bunch of men come up with this disgusting concept, but people were searching for corduroy leggings (140 global & 58 local (UK) exact searches).

As it stands at the moment there is no search volume for brown corduroy leggings but our office are hoping they catch on – if not only for the comedy factor.

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