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As you may have seen on the blog lately, I have been mildly amused at the spam I have been receiving.  However, there is one spammer that is really starting to piss me off – and that is the make-money-quick Affiliate Millionaire.

In the past two days I have seen a variety of automated blog comments for the “Affiliate Millionaire” – I’ll be honest I briefly looked at the site and it’s the same old “do it faster, harder, stronger, longer & get rich quick with no actual effort” types.  The same types that piss other SEO’s off with their Instant SEO Bullshit.

I hate automated blog comment spam – hell, even a human who is shit at it can piss me off with their unimaginative and less-than-thoughtful messages.  So imagine how narked I was when I saw this:

Affiliate Millionaire - The Automated Blog Spammer

Affiliate Millionaire - The Automated Blog Spammer

The message is exactly the same, but they have tried to dupe me by changing their name – it nearly had me, it really did! (idiots).

Anyway, Affiliate Millionaire has already got a black mark from me, so anyone who is thinking about partaking in their service (whatever it is) might as well not bother.

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  1. Rhys (12 years ago)

    Haha! He/She/It got me too as well. Arse. 🙁

    Seems to be firmly lodged within my Akismet now though, so fingers crossed “The Affiliate Millionaire” (really, why are they wasting their time commenting if they’re that rich?) will forever be in there!

  2. Robert L (12 years ago)

    What I am genuinely worried about is soon search is going to become very bland and good unique content will be even harder to find on the web.
    Wikipedia is dominating any factual searches about history , geography etc so soon you will get a decade of content with 90% of students getting information from Wikipedia with very little originality.

    I like to comment on posts which has interesting content which I can come back
    and refer to later. Kev you do seem different than a lot of the other SEO ‘gurus’ out there.

    Thanks Robert

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