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Well, do you? I’ve been sitting on this one for a few weeks and I didn’t want to use it for any of my clients, but I was going to test it on some of my lesser, personal websites.

I’ll cut to the chase as I know you are all chomping at the bit.  Everyone worth their SEO salt knows about or has tried forum profile linking.  Well, this is no different.

If you’re not familiar with the tactic here is how it generally works:

  1. You create an account on a forum/blog.
  2. Whilst filling in details you are often asked for a bio or a link to your website.
  3. You put your links in and voila, you have a page with semi relevant content and a nice clean do follow link on a domain you don’t own – and for free!All you need to do now is pour links into that page to increase its authority and you’re rocking and rolling.

The downside to this tactic is it normally only works on very low quality, poor websites (custom phpBB installs for example), but every once in a while an absolute cracker comes along where a web developer didn’t nofollow the link. I give to you jamieoliver.com.

Jamieoliver.com Core Stats

Page PageRank DomainAuthority PageAuthority








JamieOliver.com, like many other websites have integrated a social aspect to their website, allowing commenting, sharing of recipes and general interaction with their users.

Just as I mentioned above, you can create your own profile, your own bio links and you can get your own link.

Firstly though, I want to show you what kind of authority innocent accounts can get:

Blogger Account PageRank PageAuthority












These users are active in the JamieOliver.com community, posting blogs, interacting etc.  But you can get a nice drip of authority with a brand new account – like the one below:

Page PageRank PageAuthority



And with these kinds of accounts, you get some very nice dofollow links:

Jamie Oliver - Selling Speed Cameras?

Jamie Oliver - Selling Speed Cameras?

So now you know how to get follow links from JamieOliver.com – don’t abuse it too much 😉

P.S. – The account above is not mine – I called it out ‘cause they were stupid enough to leave the following comment on my blog 😉

Jamie Olivers sister might be interested in snakeoil salesmen?

Jamie Olivers sister might be interested in snakeoil salesmen?

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  1. Nick (12 years ago)

    pretty interesting find here… it’s really unfortunate that hundreds of people will spam this opportunity to death. :-X

  2. Wan Firdaus (11 years ago)

    LMAO.Speechless.Such a good tactics but the spam.Ugh!

  3. Painting Forum (11 years ago)

    Have to agree with Nick, but very nice find. If you can add content and value to any .edu or .gov sites, that is where the meat hits the pavement. Using [site:edu inurl:blog “post a comment”- “keyword”. And of course clicking on Painting Forum 😆 )

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