3 Ways To Get A Link From Google.com

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Apologies in advance for the sensationalist title – but you really can get links from google.com!

For most linkbuilders, achieving a link from Google.com is like the Holy Grail; mythical and unattainable.  However, you can get links from Google.com quite easily – they’ve been under your nose for quite a while!

Google Profiles

With Google throwing their hat into the social ring on several occasions, they have always tried to get their users to sign up for their services – and most of them do.  Core to this method is the creation of a Google Account, and what comes with that is the ability for you to set up your own Google Profile.

There are over 18 million Google Profiles out there right now (including mine) and the majority of them are under-utilised.  They are free to create, but most users don’t fill them in.

How to get the links

When creating your Google Profile, you can add lots of information should you like to.  For the benefits of SEO, you can add links to two places – complete with anchor text!

Blogroll on Google Profiles

Blogroll on Google Profiles

In-Content Links form Google Profiles

In-Content Links form Google Profiles

Now, your profile isn’t directly linked directly from Google.com, but you can carry out the tactic of “hosting and linking” – creating the content and throwing your own links to it. This way you can increase the authority of your profile and increase the power of the outbound links.

It really is as simple as that. There are several high PageRank/MozRank profiles kicking about (e.g. here, here and here) so it’s definitely a viable option.

In a future post I might even write up how to use these profiles for your own link building tactics.

Google Code

If you are technically minded, you can create useful applications/solutions using Google’s very own code and get a nice link from their http://code.google.com subdomain.

A massive hat tip to Rhys Wynne for getting his bbPress reCaptcha plugin listed on Googles reCaptacha plugins and libraries page

Google Directory

Depending on what side of the fence you sit on, DMOZ is a must to get a link from – if you can get a moderator to actually approve it.

For me, DMOZ aka The Open Directory Project was once a big fish for link authority, but nowadays it’s not so great. However, the side benefit is that the DMOZ directory is replicated on several other websites – most notably Google Directory.

And there you have it, 3 ways to get 100% followed links from Google.com and its sub domains

About the Author

Kev Strong

Kev Strong is an online marketing consultant at Newcastle Upon Tyne based digital marketing agency, Mediaworks. A lover of all things search and an ex-web developer, Kev Strong (a.k.a Goosh) is a specialist in advanced search engine optimisation.


  1. Andy @ FirstFound (11 years ago)

    How often is your Google profile cached? Just wondering what sort of time frames I’m looking at so I can judge how effective this is.

    • Goosh (11 years ago)

      @Andy That’s the one element I haven’t checked fully as I haven’t threw links at mine personally (other than via my blog). However, I am in the process of checking some of the profiles I linked to to see if they are checking there regularly.

  2. Marc Levy (11 years ago)

    You can also get from the Chrome Webstore..
    another sub-domain similar to code.google.com

    If you have the skill to create something (although something very simple will pass) you can leave a link in the description area… see example:


  3. Syliand (11 years ago)

    I got another one to share 🙂

    Google Notebook, you can make online note with dofollow and use it like a profile or a presentation of a website

    Here is an example :


  4. Chris B. (11 years ago)

    You can also use knol.google.com. Here’s an example on SEO basics: http://knol.google.com/k/seo-basics#

  5. Brett Pringle (11 years ago)

    Quick way to get the Goog profiles indexed, is to participate in the support forums. Day or 2 and it’s indexed. They seem to update the profiles weekly from what i’ve seen (bio changes etc).

    Easy way to improve the results for “vanity” searches 🙂

  6. Goosh (11 years ago)

    Thanks for the other sites guys. Seems to be quite a few places on Google to get links from.

    As for the indexation thing @Brett, I’m gonna give that a go for some other profiles I have kicking around to see just what effect they have. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Brenan Greene (7 years ago)

    Using G+, i have seen sites with dofollow links from two ways. Backlinks obtained from the “share what’s new” section on Google + are dofollow and Links obtained from the profile page of the user. I have yet to see these on my link profile but i have seen them on others. This was a couple years ago, but I always recommend dropping every link from your website into G+. Google Loves Google.

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