Am I The Creator Of The Unofficial Google Shell?

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Way before I created an online presence for my web design & SEO endeavours I had been using the name Goosh online – particularly in online FPS/MMO games.  When I did move onto creating my online portfolio, my blogs etc, I chose as I was, well, UK based.

Around 2008, I was regularly asked “Are you the writer of the Goosh tool?”  At first I had no clue as to what people were referring to. That is until I checked out a Google search for Goosh.

Goosh – The UNIX Shell

It transpires that a website called is a free UNIX shell-like interface that allows you to quickly search Google & Wikipedia in a text-only format.

I imagine when Goosh – the unofficial Google Shell – launched in 2008 it was an amazing thing at the time.  Unfortunately, due to my very limited command line experience, I don’t appreciate its awesomeness.

Did you write Goosh?

To this day people still ask me if I had anything to do with Goosh.  I am the writer of Goosh, the SEO blog, but I am not the writer of Goosh, the UNIX tool – Stefan Grothkopp is.

I hope that clears that one up for everyone.

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