What music do you listen to when you write for your blog?

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I love music.  I have always had a wide taste in music that encompasses a myriad of genres.  Having been a DJ in early ’00 my love for music has always driven me to do bigger and better things so having music playing through my working day can only be classed as productive for me.

As I love everything from Thrash Metal to Trip Hop to Drum & Bass, Internet radio stations, Spotify and good ole YouTube are great sources of music to have on in the background, despite the fact that Spotify is a bandwidth thief. When I write I try to set myself a schedule to come up with a new article and I always have a list of potential topics to talk about.  Since the relaunch of the blog I have started making notes of what I have been listening to at the time and it has shown that the music certainly affects the tone of the article I am writing.  Take the following for example:

Article: 3 Things Twitter Could Do About Inactive Accounts
Track: Remember His Name – Jurassic 5 (Spotify, YouTube)

Article: When does a link request become an insult?
Track: Belly Dancer – Drumsound & Bassline Smith (Spotify, YouTube)

Article: What Really Annoys Me? Non-SEO Agencies Who Do SEO (or claim to)
Track: Dying Breed – Five Finger Death Punch (Spotify, YouTube)

Article: 2010: The year of the re-launch
Track: Midnight in a Perfect World – DJ Shadow (Spotify, YouTube)

It’s common knowledge that music can affect you emotionally so I am intrigued as to what kind of music you like to listen to when you write content for your blog?  Does it match the mood or topic of your piece?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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