I’m in the UK, so is Soham and Why Google Should Know This!

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You know how it is, you get peckish and you fancy something specific - like a tuna sandwich.  Then you goto good old trusty Google and search for somewhere to purchase a tuna sandwich. Well, this is where the fairytale ends as Googles utterly messed up UK SERP's continues to...

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Are spammers just getting lazy?

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I think they must be considering the below :s [caption id="attachment_62" align="aligncenter" width="669" caption="Lazy...

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Brown Corduroy Leggings: Don’t Forget Your Long Tail

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Anyone who is familiar with large authority, e-commerce websites will know that long tail keyphrases (such as obscure things like brown corduroy leggings) will deliver traffic to your website whilst not actually targeting them through an external link building campaign but...

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Should Google Be Doing More About UK SERPS – Especially When Their Results Recommend ThemAs Google UK Serps continue to be contaminated, should Google be really recommending this?

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With the ongoing problems of the UK Serps (Search Engine Results Pages) being contaminated with irrelevant and down-right incorrect results, does it not seem odd that Google recommends UK Serps over US Serps? This is despite several problems with colours, American...

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