Setup my own private URL shortener service

By | May 7, 2010 at 9:43 pm | 2 comments

Been looking into this for a while now, and I have finally got round to it. Firstly, a big hat tip to @JoannaButler for sending me some awesome information, and to @DanielHoggan for some help brainstorming for a domain. Secondly, I am currently using YOURLS, a PHP script...

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Spotify on HTC: If You Change One Thing Let It Be This!

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I had thought of writing a “7 things I Would Change on Spotify for HTC” post, but quite frankly there really aren’t 7 things to change.  It’s an awesome application that allows ease of use for artists browsing, playlist browsing and general playback.  There is however...

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Plain Text Password Storage – Why it’s bad!

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As part of the latest Google Grope they have chosen plain text password storage as their keyphrase of choice. I was surprised by this, but I am also passionate about it from a development point-of-view.  Having worked with databases such as SQL in the past I know that password...

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I’m an SEO & I have a dirty mind…

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[caption id="attachment_85" align="aligncenter" width="264" caption="Google does what?"][/caption] Yes, I giggled when I spotted it.  And yes, the first thing I thought was to share...

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2010: The year of the re-launch

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It’s been a few years overdue, but I have decided to re-launch  About 3 years ago I decided to launch my own, self-named, blog in an effort to create an online presence for myself alongside my portfolio (I was a Web Designer/Developer/SEO at the...

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