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We Are All Affiliates

We Are All Affiliates

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Back when I worked for BT Telesales calling existing customers to sell them the latest and greatest deals from BT, we were always told that “you will tell one person about a great product, but tell five people about a bad product”. This still rings true today. Try it; ask...

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SEO: By Language Or By Country?

SEO: By Language Or By Country?

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When you’re planning a multilingual SEO strategy, you must decide whether to optimise for a language or for a specific geographic region, usually a country. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. Which one you choose will depend on a number of factors,...

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3 Ways To Get A Link From

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Apologies in advance for the sensationalist title – but you really can get links from! For most linkbuilders, achieving a link from is like the Holy Grail; mythical and unattainable.  However, you can get links from quite easily –...

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