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What music do you listen to when you write for your blog?

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I love music.  I have always had a wide taste in music that encompasses a myriad of genres.  Having been a DJ in early ’00 my love for music has always driven me to do bigger and better things so having music playing through my working day can only be classed as productive...

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What Really Annoys Me? Non-SEO Agencies Who Do SEO (or claim to)

By | January 30, 2010 at 9:10 am | One comment

Working for an online marketing company whose sole purpose & area of expertise is just that, online marketing, it perplexes me when I get involved in a contract where the client has received “SEO” from their design agency.  I’m not knocking design agencies who have an...

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Let’s All Laugh At Apple’s New Sanitary Towel

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When Apple sat down and thought of names for their new iPad, you would have thought that this would have raised a few eyebrows or at the very least rang a few alarm bells. Not only does the new iPad look like an enlarged iPhone (@Shark SEO: Instead of getting an iPad, I've...

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Brown Corduroy Leggings: Don’t Forget Your Long Tail

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Anyone who is familiar with large authority, e-commerce websites will know that long tail keyphrases (such as obscure things like brown corduroy leggings) will deliver traffic to your website whilst not actually targeting them through an external link building campaign but...

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When does a link request become an insult?

By | January 20, 2010 at 8:29 pm | One comment

If you run a website, I am sure you have had the generic emails that are generated by a piece of software used from a template.  You know the ones: Dear Webmaster, I happened upon your website,, and I was blown away by how informative and interesting it was...

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